About EGY agency

EGY is an eCommerce services company focused on Photography [product, pro profile, social media] Graphic Design, Editing & Retouching and Social Media [management and content]. Founded in 2013, EGY team includes Journalists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, Translators, Social Media Marketing Specialists, Strategists, Copywriters, Photo Editors, TV Producers, and Animation Producers.

We are a big group of Freelancers around the World, we are in Spain, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, the United States of America, Canada and Ireland. EGY is the agency which we use to receive and do a lot of work.

We work with clients large and small to help them engage customers with delivering on time the highest quality output. We understand that every client has a budget for every project and we will respect that and work with it. You can rely on an experienced partner to address your requirements.